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Located at the corner of Wayne Ave. and Indian Springs, Levity Brewing Co. is Indiana's first brewery since 1939.

Levity is the dream project of 3 local guys: Jared Herman, Luke McKelvy and Erich Walls. We are long-time home brewers and craft beer nerds. Like many Indiana locals, we waited years for someone to open a microbrewery in our college town.  When we could wait no longer, we snapped. The next three years were spent planning, studying, brewing, arguing and shaping one very simple vision: build a serious brewery and an inviting tap room. 

Construction on the brewery and taproom was daunting but worth it as we have transformed 5,500 sq ft of the old Gorell Window manufacturing plant into a very cool space to brew and enjoy beer. This is the most direct access to fresh beer in the county. Customers will enjoy a wide variety of drafts on site, growler fills to go, and packaged beer for home or events. We also have draught beer in local bars and restaurants.  Ask your favorite bars and restaurants to put Levity on tap!




To schedule events, reservations or book your band, call Taproom Ted (724) 388-8511

Anything else: (724) 427-5665



1380 Wayne Ave.
Suite A
Indiana, PA 15701



Spel Czech

Czech Pilsner - 5.8% ABV; 30 IBU

Full on Czech Pilsners are not as common as they should be. A beautiful blend of pils malt sweetness balanced by heaps of old world hops. (All Saaz!!!) Clean and quenching with a soft mouthfeel-it's no wonder this became the world's first mass produced beer style. 

Korrie and her Wheat

American Wheat Ale-5.0% ABV; 23 IBU

Coriander and lemon zest dominate in the aroma and won't let you down in flavor either. More dry than sweet, this beer is a great refresher for warm spring days and summer nights.

Ghost Trail gose: Strawberry

IPA - 3.9% ABV, 30 IBU

Nice and tart, touch of salt, super refreshing.  We've done loads of different fruit in this series,  Strawberries are a great fit for this style, especially when their from a local farm like Yarnick's, not to mention that lovely color.

haze Frehley (Available soon)

IPA - 6.9% ABV, 42 IBU

Hazy, juicy, grapefruit flavors out of this world. If you like IPA's you are sure to enjoy this one. Bravo, Citra, Mosaic, Motueka hops. You can smell the big tropical grapefruit aroma from a mile away. Sells out fast, and for the sake of freshness we don't brew huge batches, so forgive us if you miss it.

CRIMSON HOPS (Available from 10/7 to 5/20)

Session IPA - 4.9% ABV

Easy-drinking, aromatic (Citra, Mosaic, Cascade. What could go wrong?).  Delicious, but not dangerous.  The technical term is "crushable".

Dioecious: a house divided (Not available)

Hoppy Sour Ale - 5.9%; 30 IBU's

 Funky. Fruity. Tart. A hint of papaya and pineapple followed by the funkiness of a sour dough bread starter. Refreshingly crisp and hoppy

It's hoplicated (Back soon)

IPA - 6.9% ABV, 48 IBU's

Using a combination of hop varieties we look to showcase a wide spectrum of hop flavors. Citrus aromas quickly give way to piney, resinous, spice notes of Columbus hops. Left to warm a bit, this beer takes on much more complex flavors of peach, apricot, even some subtle hints of melon

Confliction (Seasonal/winter)

Black IPA - 6.2% ABV; 60 IBU

Most conflicts start because of what comes out of our mouth. Let the conflict stay in your mouth when you drink this beer. Confliction looks like a stout but boasts huge amounts of hop derived spice and bitter lemon in the aroma and flavor. A subtle touch of chocolate brings a rather harmonious conflict to your palate.


Double IPA - 9.3% ABV; 100+ IBU

India Pale Ales hold an enduring spot at the head of the Craft Beer faculty.  This is our tribute.  Somewhat crazy, somewhat dry, sometimes bitter, always brilliant.

Saison Kick

Farmhouse Ale-6.7% ABV; 22 IBU

A refreshing Belgian farmhouse ale with a kick of fresh ginger. This is one of our favorite food pairing beers as the ginger is subtle but obvious. Love Is On The Way.

Gymclass Allstar

Saison-5.6% ABV; 33 IBU

A very unsuspecting malt bill and hop load, this beer is still popping with flavor. All of the flavors and aromas are derived from the powerhouse yeast strain. Close your eyes and envision walking through an orchard as you take in the aroma of fermenting apples. The flavors are refreshingly fruity and subtly spicy. 

Hoodlebug Brown

American Brown Ale-6.7% ABV; 34 IBU

This easy-to-love beer is loaded with caramel malts and is gently hopped, Allow it to warm in your glass and evolve into a nice toffee beverage. Named after the Hoodlebug Trail - a popular rails-to-trails path right next to the brewery!

Headlamp Stout

Stout-8.7% ABV; 34 IBU

A big classic stout that gets its chocolate, coffee, and dark cherry flavors from the blend of roasted malts and alcohol strength.  A great way to finish a night.

MILTON (Seasonal/Christmas)

Chocolate Stout on NITRO -7.5% ABV

In honor of chocolate royalty and Pennsylvania legend, Milton Hershey.  Our newest stout comes across with dark roasted maltiness and  a dark chocolate bitterness.  A mellow delight as it warms. Served from the nitro tap to take the creaminess over the top.



Arsenal Cider in Pittsburgh makes these very popular sparkling ciders.

fighting elleck (arsenal cider house)

100% Apple Cider-8.8% ABV

Dry and refreshing.


100% Apple Cider-8.5% ABV

Delightfully tart but not puckering, semi-sweet


We usually have a few different offerings from two FANTASTIC craft Meaderies in PA. Currently, we have:

Out for now!!! :(






Ginger Ale

Non alcoholic, loaded with fresh ginger, lemon, and lime. You'll never go back to the grocery store stuff.

Root Beer

Non alcoholic, smooth and yummy.




The Foods