Jared Herman

His once-beautiful mind twisted and distorted from years of teaching biology to middle school kids. Home brewing in the basement was where he could ugly-cry out the hurt and frustration of the day. And thus revived, he could walk upstairs to be Dad-of-the-Year to his 4 kids who eventually honored him with a coffee mug saying so. “Brewing saved my life,” says Herman, “and every beer I brew now LITERALLY flows from my heart.”


Erich Walls

This man has done it all: served in the US ARMY, been a hot shot salesman in the pharmaceuticals and the gas industry, played in rock bands, and married his hometown West Virginia sweetheart. Erich’s disarming sincerity and little-kid excitement about craft beer are just a couple of the ways he tricks customers into buying beer from us.



Luke McKelvy

Indiana, PA native. Father of 5. Cries during movies. Semi-abnormally large head size. Class clown on the outside, class act on the inside, class action when they find out how he’s handling the finances at Levity.