Erich Walls has done it all:  served in the Army, been a hot shot sales rep in pharmaceuticals and the gas industry, played in rock bands, and (his favorite) married his hometown West Virginia sweetheart.  He's your go-to guy for

  • wholesale accounts to put Levity Beer on tap or in the cooler at your place of business
  • beer-planning for your next big event
  • book an event at Levity
  • If you want to be a supplier of fresh local food for the Levity Taproom
  • If you want to know more about employment, press, media

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Luke McKelvy is an Indiana, PA Townie who graduated from IUP and has been in Small Business lending the last 10 years for a local bank.  Might sound boring to some.  And he is.  But that's ok.  Because he makes really good beer and he knows what UCA Cash Flow is.  Get in touch with him if you need to talk 

  • billing
  • licensing
  • vendor management
  • legal, tax, insurance

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Jared Herman is the closest thing we have to an evil genius.  His once-beautiful mind twisted and darkened under the strain of teaching chemistry to middle-school kids for years.  One day he snapped and dove into the ancient art of brewing. The rest is history.  He also likes Philadelphia sports teams and music from the 90's.  Jay is our head brewer and a talented building contractor.  Talk to him about 

  • brewing supplies and ingredients
  • beer flavors 
  • geeky yeast strains and hop varietals
  • brewery and bar equipment
  • what beers are available and when
  • anything related to the construction of our beautiful brewery and taproom.

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