Hoodlebug Brown

American Brown Ale-6.7% ABV; 34 IBU

This easy-to-love beer is loaded with caramel malts and is gently hopped. Well-rounded, great with your dinner, not too filling. This beer has hit a sweet spot with our customers making it one of our best sellers. Named after the Hoodlebug Trail - a popular rails-to-trails path right next to the brewery. And a portion of sales are donated to trail maintenance!


Double IPA – 8.9% ABV; 90 ish IBU, year-round

IPAs hold an enduring spot at the head of the craft beer faculty. Tenured’s huge hop additions are balanced out by clean malts and a touch of alcohol sweetness. Columbus, Centennial and Simcoe hops give it floral, citrus and pine aromas. Somewhat crazy, somewhat dry, sometimes bitter, always brilliant!

Korrie and her Wheat

American Wheat Ale-5.0% ABV; 23 IBU

Coriander and lemon zest dominate in the aroma and won't let you down in flavor either. More dry than sweet, this beer is a great refresher for warm spring days and summer nights.

It's Hoplicated

IPA - 6.9% ABV, 48 IBU's, year-round

Amarillo, Columbus and Centennial hops bring far ranging flavors and aromas to this mid-range IPA. Melon and green hop aromas up front, just the right bitterness your IPA-loving tongue is looking for. Orange peel citrus flavors linger for a while and you realize, “It IS Hoplicated!”

Haze Frehley

IPA - 6.8% ABV, 42 IBU’s

Hazy, juicy, grapefruit flavors out of this world. If you like IPA's you are sure to enjoy this one. Bravo, Citra, Mosaic, Motueka hops. You can smell the big tropical grapefruit aroma from a mile away.

High End Flannel (Bottle Only)

Flanders Red ale-7.5% ABV; 10 IBU’s

A deep red burgundy color, complex fruity-tartness reminiscent of red currants…wow. The flavors (is that plums & cherries?) explode from glass to palate and reminds you of one of your favorite red wines. This style has actually been with us since 1820 and leaves you with an overall impression that you just fell in love with beer. It won’t be with us long as we only have 3 small kegs, however, we do have bottles so you can continue your love story at home.

Gymclass Allstar

Saison-5.6% ABV; 33 IBU

A very unsuspecting malt bill and hop load, this beer is still popping with flavor. All of the flavors and aromas are derived from the powerhouse yeast strain. Close your eyes and envision walking through an orchard as you take in the aroma of fermenting apples. The flavors are refreshingly fruity and subtly spicy. 

Ghost Trail Goes: Salted Caramel

Gose - 2.0% ABV, 30 IBU

Nice and tart, touch of salt. Add salted caramel and you get super refreshing.  We've done loads of different fruit in this series, blueberries and strawberries are a great fit for this style, even more tart kick and pleasant fruit aroma.

Ghost Trail Gose: Blood Orange

Gose - 3.9% ABV, 30 IBU

Nice and tart, touch of salt. Add blood oranges and you get super refreshing.  We've done loads of different fruit in this series, blueberries and strawberries are a great fit for this style, even more tart kick and pleasant fruit aroma. Look for our next one: an awesome salted caramel Gose.

Headlamp Stout

Stout-8.7% ABV; 34 IBU, year-round

A big Russian Imperial stout that gets its chocolate, coffee, and dark cherry flavors from the blend of roasted malts and alcohol strength. Boldly full-bodied and roasty, but also rounded and smooth.

Spel Czech (Back in Feb.)

Bohemian Czech pilsner-5.8%

Medium bready-rich, floral aromas are balanced between the hops and malt to give way to a biscuit maltiness, clean flavor and finish. Enjoy this all Saaz hop Pilsner and you will know why this has been one of the most popular beers throughout history.

Brett Saison (Bottle Only)

Barrel Aged Saison-6.3%

Part of this beer has been aged for 24 months in french oak, while the other two quarters aged for 12 and 13 months. Three parts aged with different strains of Brettanomyces give this beer a complex and diverse aroma and flavor profile. Search for the tart & funky unique fruity notes with subtle coconut. Kick back back this fall by a nice fire and just relax as you sip on this one.

 R&DX Series (R&DX5,&6)

Experimental IPA’s

We are always thinking about the next gen IPA and what will be the next unique style that takes IPA lovers into the stratosphere. Motueka & Vic Secret hops, malted oats give a nice mouth feel, you may think you died and went to Heaven. Next month will see us drop R&DX 6.

ICFC Straight Red

American Amber Ale-4.9%

Moderate maltiness and mild caramel make this beer fun to drink at all times. It taste like what beer should taste like. Medium carbonation give way to a smooth finish that lets you know all is right in the world of beer. What started as a one-off collaboration with our local co-ed Indiana soccer leagues for men and women has found a permanent home on these beautiful streets of Indiana.



A hidden treasure that becomes a favorite, this beer is delightfully lactic with pineapple and citrus playing the lead role and subtle funk and straw in support.

Milton (Nitro)

Chocolate stout - 7.5% abv

We started with our stout philosophy - brew a beer that is rich, dark, smooth, and creamy - but then we added load of cocoa during the brewing process. We added even more cocoa during the aging process but also a healthy does of vanilla to help tame the wide side of cocoa. Look for rich vanilla and slightly bitter cocoa flavors in the creamy, slightly, toasty, winter warmer beer.

Tart Coffee Porter

Baltic porter (lager)-7%ABV

Reminiscent of our collaboration with Conny Creek, this beer reminds us of C4 Breakfast Coffee Sour, Tart Coffee Porter is of the same family. This one, a collaboration with Commonplace Coffee House, is with their blend of Papua New Guinea, Kunjin. This coffee adds a thin layer of milk chocolate with a satisfying tartness. Our take of a Baltic Porter with this blend of coffee is not your typical porter. Welcome the start of a bright tartness followed by a slight roasty note. You may get a fruit complexity that you didn’t expect as well.

Dark Soul (Back later in the year)

Stout - American Imperial/Double - 11% ABV

We wanted this year's release to really emphasize the bourbon in order to coincide with the release of our friends' documentary, "Neat: The Bourbon Film." We chose barrels from one of our favorite bourbons, Woodford Reserve, and let it sit in the oak twice as long as the original Dark Soul. We cut out the addition of vanilla beans to let the natural bourbon sweetness take center stage, though the base beer-the soul of this beer-is a rich malty treat with lots raisin on the nose and chocolate and fig on the palate. Cheers to enjoying good beverages with good friends.

Beers Coming In January 2019

  • Anniversary 3 (hazy IPA. Equinot Lupulin, Denali, & Galaxy hops)

  • RDX 7 (Casscade & Centennial hops)

  • Haze of Passion (Valentine’s Day)

  • Mcklevy’s Arseways Dry Irish Stout (St. Patrick’s Day)


4 - Packs Bottles

Haze Frehley HighEnd Flannel

Tenured Knock and Howl: Tamed

Hoodlebug Brown Knock and Howl: Wild

Korrie & Her Wheat Brett Saison

Spel Czech B-Side

R&Dx Series Dark soul


Arsenal Cider in Pittsburgh makes these very popular sparkling ciders.


100% Apple Cider-8.5% ABV

Delightfully tart but not puckering, semi-sweet

Award winning Woody Lodge Wine



Non-alcoholic, loaded with fresh ginger and usually some extra fruit (mango, lemon, lime, cranberry). You'll never go back to the grocery store stuff.


Non-alcoholic, smooth and yumm